Year R

Welcome to Year R…

We have 3 classes in Year R

  • Turtle Class, taught by Mrs Gibbons, Ms Marshall and Mrs Cole
  • Pufferfish Class, taught by Miss Brackpool, Mrs Garnett, Mrs Dry and Mrs Hiron
  • Jellyfish Class, taught by Miss Stanley and Mrs McErlean


In Year R, the children continue to follow the Early Years’ Foundation Stage Curriculum, which outlines the stages of development for children from birth to five years old. At the end of the year they are assessed against the Early Learning Goals, which are the age related expectations for the end of the Reception Year.

Children have the opportunity to explore each area of the curriculum through their own initiated learning (Adventure Time) and teacher led focus activities (Challenges). They also experience learning through whole class teaching, small groups and are supported in developing the learning behaviours needed be independent learners. Teachers plan the provision as a team and then personalise the activities and learning environment to the needs of their children. Each class is supported by a full time teaching assistant.

We keep detailed records of each individual child’s progress and invite parents to Parents Evenings in the Autumn and Spring term as well as sending home Reports of Achievement at the end of each school year. Parents and carers are invited to share their child’s achievements at home using the Tapestry on-line learning journals.

Information for Parents

Curriculum Information

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