Our Provision for Special Educational Needs

Our SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) is our head teacher, Jane Clabon. However, we firmly believe that all teachers are teachers of children with additional needs. This means that class teachers, supported by a team of teaching assistants and additional needs assistance, work closely with the SENCo in planning and reviewing the provision for children with SEND. We recognise that all children may at some time in their school life require additional support. It may be for only a short period or it may be for longer and it may be for a variety of reasons.

Before the children start in year R, we liaise with all our local pre-schools and parents/carers to ensure that we have a clear picture of the needs of each child before they start school. Once children are in school, our provision for SEND is firmly rooted in a plan, do, review cycle. We will plan the provision based on observations and informal assessment, teachers and teaching/additional needs assistants will provide the provision and then we will review its effectiveness.

Parents and carers are also actively involved in this process. If we feel that your child may need additional support, we will talk to you and explain what will happen next and give you the opportunity to find out about all the strategies and programs we use.

Our SEND policy and SEN Information Report detail the principles and procedures we follow, but you are most welcome to contact the school for more detailed information.

We welcome all children and look forward to working closely with parents in order to achieve the best outcomes for every child.

The following links offer advice and support for families.


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