Our learning superheroes help us learn!

We want our children to be lifelong learners who leave us both wanting to learn more and with the skills to do so. We use our learning superheroes to teach our children how to be resilient, independent, creative, fearless and collaborative learners. The children are introduced to the superheroes one by one, and are then given feedback on their learning using the superhero language. Everyone celebrates when we see children or adults showing ‘superhero’ behaviours.

Lady Fearless

  • I am willing to have a go / I show a ‘can do’ attitude
  • I initiate activities
  • I seek challenge
  • I take risks and engage in new experiences
  • I learn by trial and error / I know I will get things wrong when I am learning

Captain Creative

  • I show curiosity about the world around me /objects, events and people
  • I have my own ideas and find my own way of doing things
  • I find ways to solve problems
  • I make links and use my own experience
  • I plan what I will do, adapt my plan if I need to and review how it went

Rosie Resilient

  • I stay focused on an activity
  • I keep trying even when challenges occur
  • I know that continued effort or a different approach will pay off
  • I am pleased when I achieve my goals
  • I enjoy challenges for their own sake, rather than external praise or reward

Teamwork Twins

  • I can work and play co-operatively
  • I can take turns
  • I listen and take account of other people’s ideas
  • I am sensitive to and consider other people’s feelings
  • I can work with others and make decisions about our learning

Mr I

  • I can work without adult support
  • I know where to find things to help me learn
  • I can organise myself and my things
  • I can make my own choices
  • I can look after myself (self-care)

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