A guide to behaviour at Denmead Infant School

At Denmead Infant School we understand how important good behaviour is, to enable all our children to feel safe, secure and happy, and ensure our children are ready to learn.

We expect all members of the school community, both adults and children to follow a simple behaviour code:

‘Kind hands, kind feet, kind mouth’

‘Kindy’ reminds our children to be respectful to each other, the adults and the environment at our school. We use positive language to show the children what we want to see:

‘Use your kind hands to hold hands gently’.

‘Your kind feet did not trample on that toy, you walked very carefully’.

‘Let’s have kind mouths and stay quiet when our friend is talking’.

Sometimes we will show children that their behaviour was not acceptable:

‘You shouted loudly into your friend’s face, it scared her. That was not a kind mouth’.

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